Alyce Health provides

personalized exercise recommendations and offers proper error corrections analyzing user’s motions in real-time

Alyce is for 

Alyce is for “normal” people with daily musculoskeletal pain such as neck, shoulder or low back .

It is really difficult for people to know right reasons why they feel so much pain and how to recover from it in their daily busy lives.

People have not enough time and money to get personal trainer or physical therapy session regularly. Then people may think "I'm okay with this pain. It's just a part of my life."


Truth is that we are avoiding the fact that the pain will be getting worse gradually and it will cause bigger problems if we are not going to do something immediately. 


How Alyce Health works

Step 1.

Select the body part that hurts, such as neck, shoulder, or low back

Step 2.

Answer a few short questions about your pain and exercise habit

Step 3.

Get Physical Therapy Exercise plans tailored to your needs

Step 4.

Do your own personalized exercises properly with Alyce’s feedback

Step 5.

Check your body condition getting better gradually and find yourself healthier and happier than ever


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- Free exercise content
- Analyze result reports


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- Exercise content curation by symptom
- Analyze behavior and provide real-time feedback.
- Analyze result reports

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For Enterprise

- Employee Welfare Programs

- Insurance Benefit Packages

- Clients benefits for Hospitals and Treatment centers
- Price system according to the number of users

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