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CES 2019 Alice Healthcare, 
Selected as '
TOP 5 Korean Products of CES 2019' as AI Health Rehabilitation Coaching Solution


CES 2019 Alyce Healthcare, 
Selected as 'TOP 5 Korean Products of CES 2019' as AI Health Rehabilitation Coaching Solution

Alyce Healthcare's solution built machine running through data from users that have been accumulating. Furthermore, based on real-time image analysis technology, it identifies various motion actions and provides real-time feedback and reporting services. Unlike a typical healthcare service, additional device purchases or installations are unnecessary and users can receive feedback on their behavior using only the web cam or mobile camera they already have.


[CES 2019] Alyce Healthcare, Inc.
Introducing the CES book 'AI Health Rehabilitation Coaching Solution'


Alyce Healthcare, Inc. said it will participate in the upcoming CES 2019 to showcase its AI health rehabilitation coaching solution. Alice Healthcare is entering the U.S. market with participation in CES. 
The solution to be showcased at the exhibition is based on real-time video analysis technology through machine learning and provides real-time feedback and reporting services by identifying various movements of users.


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the 'Technology Business' challenge.


"Our program works by dividing the moment's movement into images and then storing them and analyzing them," Kang said. "Since the movements of the rehabilitation therapy exercise are somewhat structured, we provide the videos by recording the physical therapists and the exercise workers themselves."
Currently, the company is carrying out the business with its hospital customers in mind. Until now, hospitals have drawn drawings on paper to guide or provide video of rehabilitation workouts. 


Alyce Healthcare Award for Best Medical Startup Festars


The award for excellence (the head of Ulsan Center for Creative Economy and Innovation) was won by Alice Healthcare (Kang Da-kyum) and AI (Artificial Rehabilitation Movement Coaching Solution). 


She flew in Silicon Valley as a third grader.


"In particular, the U.S. has a lot of land, so there's a lot of demand for telemedicine and there's a lot of interest in the medical field. K-pop items could be expanded to health care in the U.S. as they were advised by a number of experts, including doctors and rehabilitation therapists. Korea is active in this field, but there are still legal regulations compared to the U.S. Alice Healthcare is also trying to build a foothold in the U.S. market in the beginning."

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