Grow UP with Alyce.

Young people, we have to grow constantly.
Alyce doesn't think there's a lifetime job, and I want to do it for your better Next Big Career
Encourage you to make the most of your company's resources.
I believe that doing your best to grow your time and service in Alyce can be a competitive career.

Alyce Support
Work and Life Balance.
A happy and leisurely life allows you to focus more on what you need to focus on.
I believe that the best people can do their best under autonomy and responsibility rather than discipline.
so that the balance of work and life can make you happier.
Alice dreams of working and life balance.

Work Mind

of Alyce

There is no answer in the world, and the world I know may not be all.
I think it's also the basis of peer trust, recognition, and courtesy.
Always open-minded and open-minded people are welcome to better solutions.
' I might be wrong. ’
_Flexible Thinking
Regardless of position or experience, if the content is reasonable and practical,
we should actively accept that opinion.
Each person's opinions can be gathered to create a better solutions.
' Is there any better way? ’
_Rational Thinking
It's not my field, so it's none of my business that bystanders degrade organizational morale and performance.
Highlight that each member's Responsibility and Commitment is key to the success of the project.
' I'll do something about it ’
_Strong Responsibility


of Alyce

Member's Birthday
Paid Vacation
1 million KWR
for your wedding.
Flexible Work
Refrash Day
for three weeks
with three years' work.
Support for seminar attendance / job-related book purchase.
A Weekly Telework
Snack bars
are provided.
Once a week
Lunch day.


of Alyce



Technical Interview

Final Interview

Offer of Employment

( conditioned concultation )

Machine Learning Engineer

_Recommendation algorithm development

- Development of type of exercise and recommended algorithm for exercise  
- Development of custom measurement and kinetic strength algorithms by user status



- Experienced in C++ or Python

- Experienced in using at least one of Machine learning framework ( Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras, etc )


- Experienced Machine learning Project

_Alyce health rehabilitation program development

Software Developer


- image processing and development exercise.
- A Accuracy Evaluation & algorithm development exercise.
- feedback report development (for medical staff and invalid)


- Experienced Java, SQL and Opencv

- Familiar with Linux based development

Server side Developer


- Build REST APIs for communication with clients
- Produce API control dashboards


- Develops the automation of personal management programs and deployments

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