Introducing your AI
workout coach, Weelo

  • Weelo spots you while workout.
  • Weelo learns who you are.
  • Weelo figures out personalized workout programs for you.

Workout with Weelo is smart.

Weelo gets you specific and relevant sets of workouts. You can find measurable, achievable, and timely feedback from Weelo.

Cutting edge technology

Weelo helps you explore the future of technology anytime, anywhere. You can find #Hardware independency #Real-time motion analysis #Personalized

Stage is on you!

Weelo connects you with gym buddies. You can find friends across the world to share your workout routines.

Weelo can’t wait to see you! Let’s work out together.

B2B Product

We provide customized ALYCE motion tracking engine with SDK and API for any device.
b2b background
motion engine

ALYCE Motion Tracking Engine

JS Library for Web(compatible with mobile webview : Android, iOS)
motion engine

Home Training Exercise Content (API)

Motion Data Accumulation
  • • Customized feedback
  • • Customized exercise program
  • • Customized posture correction feedback
motion data

Customer Benefit

  • • Motion Tracking Engine R&D and maintenance
  • • Increase End User satisfaction level + service usage duration
  • • Customized content resource

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